"It's not love OR money. It's love AND money."
- Mridu Khullar Relph

This is a place for writers who want three things from their career:

  • Creative fulfilment
  • Financial security
  • The ability to make an impact

It begins and ends with finishing.

You must finish that novel, that nonfiction book, or that essay. You must finish writing that query letter and send it to a magazine. You must finish putting together that freelance portfolio, that LinkedIn profile, that letter of introduction.

Here, you do not learn more surface-level theory. You learn how to DO. How to ACT. How to make decisions FAST.

How to work from the gut. How to trust your vision over the market’s, your instinct over another established author’s, your understanding of your work over someone else’s critique.

You learn how to finish that project.

Close that deal.

Negotiate a higher rate.

The Finishers is a community of writers who love what they do and demand to be paid exceptionally well for it.

A community of writers who understand that being a starving artist is a choice. And that you can choose differently any time.

Here’s something to think about:

Do you know you should be writing more, earning more, and reaching more readers?

Do you struggle to motivate yourself to do the things that you know are necessary for your success?

Do you frequently overthink yourself into inaction?

Do you wish there was someone who understood exactly how your mind works and could help you turn those challenges into your unique strengths?

If so, you’re in the right place. Keep reading.

Most writers believe that a creative life also has to be a challenging one.

We think we can have creative freedom or financial independence but not both.

We believe we can write for the market or for ourselves, but not both.

Some of us fear that failure will destroy our will to write. Others amongst us are afraid that success will ensure that we'll have to live public lives we don’t want.

I’ve had those same fears, struggled with those same questions. I oscillated heavily between making fantastic money and hating my work and loving my writing but losing my income.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Writing can be a lonely career, yes. It is easy to find the creatives who write for love and don’t need to worry about money. It is also easy to find the six-figure earners who aren’t worried about creative control.

But what if you want both? Where do you find the people who want both?

Introducing THE FINISHERS.

A private community of writers, artists, freelancers, and nonconformist creatives.

The writers who want it on their own terms. And get it.

This is a community of writers who do the work. We write from the heart, tell true stories, allow ourselves to be vulnerable so that we can be of service to others.

But when we’re done creating? We market and we sell.

If marketing, selling, or promoting yourself is not something you’re willing to learn and do, The Finishers is not the right place for you.

Still here?


Let me tell you a little more about what The Finishers is, and isn't.

The Finishers is a community of writers who believe that their work matters.

Enough to be published.

Enough to be paid (damn well) for it.

Enough to garner a readership.

Enough to make you value your own worth as a writer.

The Finishers is a place for dreamers, creatives, and doers who GET THINGS DONE.

Creators who get to the finish line.

Creators who submit their work even when their fingers are trembling and their knees knocking together.

Creators who know that the only way to get what they desire is by showing up daily and without complaint.

Dreaming is easy. Doing is hard.

Here in The Finishers, I will push you to DO. I will push you to TRY. I will push you to FAIL.

In the doing, the trying, and the failing, you will find small successes. You will build on those small successes and keep building on them until they become big ones.

You will be held accountable.

You will be challenged.

You will set goals and follow them through to conclusion.

Such as:

Writing that essay.
Sending that query letter.
Updating your website.
Updating your Contently portfolio.
Writing the first draft of that novel.
Researching and pitching to your dream publication.
Finding an agent.
Building a social media following.

This is not about more learning. This is about DOING.


  • Regular video trainings that will give you the practical information you need to TAKE ACTION and get to the next level. Replays will be be stored in the library indefinitely. Examples of such trainings include: Setting rates, negotiating for double the pay, self-publishing an Amazon bestseller, writing without the fear of judgement, and managing your cash flow.

  • A library of my best and most popular e-courses: You will get access to some of the e-courses that I have created in the past and most of the ones that I create in the future. As a Finishers member, you'll have access to my best trainings, advice, and material. Currently, our library includes courses on writing a query letter, setting up a website, finishing a book, creative courage, and more.

  • A monthly live Q&A session held in a private Facebook group. These will be recorded and saved in case you're unable to make it live. You’ll also be able to submit questions beforehand.

  • Subscription to our premium newsletter The Daily Finish, which will arrive in your Inbox every day in audio, video, or text formats and will give you a quick hit of inspiration or a kick up the arse to get you straight into action. This is the stuff I say to my coaching clients when they’re in resistance. Think of it as a 5-minute daily coaching session with me that will get you moving towards your goals instantly.

  • Shut Up and Write sessions: Every weekday, several members of the Finishers come together with me over video and sit down for an hour to write together. Bring your own drink, bring your own project, and let's finish something!

Want to take a video tour through The Finishers? Here's a sneak peek...

And that’s not all…

  • You’ll have access to a like-minded community of writers through a FB group.

  • As part of the community, you will be able to share your weekly and monthly goals and stay accountable for them as well as update us regularly on your progress.

  • I will be sharing my own notes, ideas, plans, and materials so you can see how I get my own creative as well as business tasks done quickly and effectively.

Are you ready to challenge yourself to be vulnerable in order to get to creative fulfillment?

Are you ready to challenge yourself to get comfortable selling so you can make more money?

Are you ready to create a following, go after that top choice of agent, and build a readership so you can create an impact?

If so, welcome. The Finishers is for you.

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